Why Searchlogic?

Partnering with a new agency is an important decision. We’ve built our team to address the most common challenges that brands face when working with companies in our field. The results are powerful; in the past 36 months, every brand that has hired Searchlogic has seen better performance after just six months.
What makes us so much better than our competition? It’s a little secret sauce, some tricks here and there, but mostly it’s a lot of these four things:

Nothing Matters More Than This...

On Average, Within the First Six Months of Working with Searchlogic, we increase Revenue by 109% while decreasing costs by 34%*

Regardless of what we have done in the past, how much you like us or how great our technology is, nothing matters if we don’t produce the results you’re expecting. We have a proven history of breaking records when partnering with brands that desire to grow. We understand that your choice to work with us is about much more than a great return on ad spend. We have seen individuals we work for receive promotions, watched companies with hundreds of employees double in size and helped brands become leaders in their space, all because of the results we deliver.

Read Our Case Studies

Our work speaks for itself. Here are a few samples of what we have helped leading mid market brands accomplish online. Want to learn more? Contact us directly and we will put you in touch with one of our partners.

Pond Lehocky

Increased lead volume 1400% year over year.


Gaiam Yoga

Increased ROAS on Search 322% in four months.



Decreased Cost per Lead by 82% while Increasing leads by 464%.


Kicks USA

Decreased CPA 57% & Increased conversion rate 84%.


Are You Next?

Are your campaigns capable of a 109% increase in revenue? We have the answer. Learn more here.

Three Pillars of a Successful Agency Relationship.




Each partner of Searchlogic receives constant communication from our team. Your key team members are always a phone call, email or text message away.

We start every relationship by developing custom weekly reports that track and report results in a transparent manner.

Our heavy focus on culture and values means our team is excited to be here every day. This attitude appears in everything we do. Our above average retention rate of clients and employees means you don't have to work about constant changes to the team that manages your campaigns.


Jackie Donovan, COO


“After seeing poor results with one of the largest SEM agencies in the country, we were ready to give up on Paid Search. We hired Searchlogic as a final attempt to stay competitive in the SEM marketplace. Searchlogic’s results have been beyond our expectations since the onset of our relationship.”


Derek Jones, Marketing Director


“Have you ever had your paid search partner report they did a great job but ironically you're behind on revenue targets for that month? Searchlogic runs our campaigns like no other paid search vendor I've used -- optimizing for dollars that ring the register. If your sales team uses a CRM or Marketing Automation Platform, their team can show you actual revenue generation versus hypothetical fluff metrics. We continue hitting record revenue numbers -- Searchlogic has been a big part of that success.”

Ready For a New Experience?

Are you ready for an agency partner that understands your needs? Give us a test drive now or talk to one of our experienced Solutions Consultants. Click here to learn more.

The Searchlogic Method.

Method [meth-uh d] - Noun - A proven manner or mode of procedure, especially an orderly, logical, or systematic way of instruction, inquiry, investigation, experiment and presentation.

We have a perfect, three year track record of improving and growing advertising campaigns. This is due to an amazing team, a unique strategy and mostly, it’s because we created a method that has proven to be successful every single time we follow it. This is a visual representation of how will think and execute our strategy to deliver excellent results.

Searchlogic Method

Ready For a New Experience?

Are you ready for an agency partner that understands your needs? Give us a test drive now or talk to one of our experienced Solutions Consultants. Click here to learn more.


“What makes you so much better?”

Individuals who ask this are often looking for a simple answer or a magic bullet. It’s our experience that people often look for a flashy website, technology or tool that doesn’t equate directly to agency skill when they don’t know how to measure an agency's technical abilities. 

Unfortunately, the attributes of a consistent, long-term partner that gets great results rarely win SEM agency awards. At Searchlogic, we use tools that many other agencies use, but our business model is unique.

We're Obsessed with Our Team Members' Happiness

In five years of business, only one team member has left. Our team receives industry-leading compensation and benefits while enjoying a unique family-like culture. Team members are Searchlogic’s most powerful assets. Studies repeatedly show that happy people perform better. Period.

We Focus on Service Before Implementing Technology

At Searchlogic, we are a service company first and a technology company second. We embrace tools and technology to enhance our daily hands-on account management. Technology is often used to increase agency margins, not yours.

Many companies leading in the digital advertising space do so via thought leadership, jargon and fancy technology. While we aspire to teach our partners and community through content and presentations, but the return on your investment is our number one priority.

Our Flash is in Our Results

Our results rival those of the top SEM companies in the country, but our costs don’t. We aren’t passing on the expense of designer furniture or office space in New York or Los Angeles. In fact, we typically factor our fees into your ROAS goals to measure true ROI.

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