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Year over year, Searchlogic decreased our cost per lead by 49 percent while increasing our leads by 139 percent. We’re getting better leads at a lower cost per lead, and now we can attribute every call that comes in.

- Christi Leinart,
Director of Finance/Strategic Planning, Leinart Law

Leinart Law is a bankruptcy law firm, providing legal advice and debt solutions to the Dallas and Fort Worth area for over 15 years.


  • Diminishing returns from paid media campaigns
  • Poor lead quality with high acquisition costs
  • Inability to attribute phone leads to ad campaigns

Escalating Costs With Diminishing Returns

The law niche is among the most challenging and cost-intensive to compete in when it comes to paid search.

As the Director of Finance and Strategic Planning at Leinart Law, Christi Leinart had successfully overseen the company’s paid media campaigns until the dramatically changing market, coupled with the firm’s rapid growth, proved too much to manage alone.

“In 2005, you could kind of do your own marketing. There wasn’t much of a market for people to manage it,” Christi recalls. “Once we began to grow, we quickly realized that we couldn’t manage it on our own anymore.”

Early partnerships were disappointing, as contractors passively monitored campaigns and made no progress in improving lead numbers or Quality Scores. With some clicks costing in excess of $100 each, those inefficiencies were becoming costly.

“I knew that we weren’t getting what we used to out of our campaigns, and our competitors were beginning to show up above us,” Christi explains. “But our previous contractor didn’t have any goals, specific targets or strategy to respond.” Worse, the quality of leads being generated was poor despite mounting acquisition costs.

“We were getting leads, but they weren’t always high quality leads,” Christi explains. “We were getting a lot of inquires from out of area, people we couldn’t help.”

Christi also wanted a way to clearly track which ad campaigns were generating the strongest leads, even if the leads were phone calls instead of online form submissions.

Leinart Law needed a partner who could overhaul its campaigns, lower costs and improve lead quality while tracking leads the entire way to conversion.

I didn’t feel like we were getting what we used to get out of the campaigns...There wasn’t an active management.

- Christi Leinart


  • Restructured all campaigns with tighter segmenting, geo-targeting and budget control
  • Introduced targeted display campaign to capture lower-cost leads
  • Implemented sophisticated call and lead tracking
  • Optimized for mobile search

Improved Targeting, Tracking & Lead Attribution

Christi was confident she’d found the right partner after seeing Searchlogic’s transparency and openness.

“They do an audit, figure out what needs to be done and communicate that to you - then come up with a plan and actually implement it,” says Christi. Searchlogic began by restructuring Leinart’s Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo Search accounts.

First, they segmented campaigns and ad groups for tighter budget control. This generated massive improvements in Quality Scores through improved ad relevance and expected click-through-rates. Then, they expanded the targeted keyword set to capture all relevant attorney and law firm searches.

To capture lower-cost leads and bring down acquisition costs, Searchlogic introduced optimized display campaigns on both AdWords and Facebook. Finally, the Searchlogic team rolled out a robust call and lead form tracking system that provided deep insights into channel performance for data driven bidding decisions. Searchlogic included this data, along with other account metrics, in weekly reporting and bi-weekly calls with Christi.

“I love the communication. We have bi-weekly meetings where we receive data and feedback on our current campaigns as well as future goals.” Christi stresses, “I am confident Searchlogic is on top of our campaigns and ahead of market trends.”

I love the communication... I’m confident Searchlogic is on top of our campaigns and ahead of market trends.


  • 139% increase in leads
  • 49% decrease in cost per lead

Better Leads at a Lower Acquisition Cost

Year over year, the impact of Searchlogic’s management has been substantial. A 23 percent increase in ad spend has generated more than double the leads, with the highest lead quality ever.

“We have decreased our cost per lead by 49 percent while increasing our number of leads by 139 percent since working with Searchlogic,” Christi beams. “We are also seeing better leads and more conversions at a lower cost per conversion.”

Tighter segmenting and improved account structure means that spend is no longer wasted on poor leads or irrelevant clicks.

“We used to get a lot of leads from out of the area. Searchlogic’s geo-targeting really helped us with that,” Christi explains. “Now our leads are qualified. We are no longer wasting time and money on leads that cannot be converted.”

And because of Searchlogic’s sophisticated call and lead-form tracking, Christi is confident they’re getting a great ROI.

“Before Searchlogic, we really didn’t know if people were responding to an online ad, something they saw on Facebook, a phonebook or recommendation of a friend,” Christi recalls. “Now, we can truly measure our conversions, and the leads coming in are much more relevant to us than they used to be.”

Since that first year, performance has only improved. Searchlogic continues to increase efficiency and drive qualified leads to this day.

We have decreased our cost per lead by 82 percent, while increasing our number of leads by 464 percent since working with Searchlogic.

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