Case Study

Gaia (formerly GaiamTV) is a subscription-based conscious lifestyle brand that features videos and films on yoga, spiritual growth, health, longevity and truth seeking. Gaia had a stream of negative experiences and poor results from other agencies, so its leaders were skeptical that Searchlogic could produce the results they needed.

Campaign ObjectivesGaia’s main goal was to lower its cost per acquisition (CPA) without reducing total conversions. Additionally, the company had invested in a pricey bidding automation tool and they needed a partner with sophisticated knowledge of the system and its folders.


Our first step was to apply the Searchlogic methodology, which included restructuring the account to granular ad groups, eliminating broad match keywords and building an extensive list of negative keywords. Improved click-through-rates, drastically higher quality scores and reduced spend were the results.

  • Restructure to granular ad groups
  • Eliminate broad keywords
  • Build a list of negative keywords
  • Improved clickthroughs
  • Higher quality scores
  • Reduced spend
Expanded Search

Following the reorganization, we expanded the search account, adding 164,047 keywords, 26,193 ad groups, and 277 campaigns. Previously there were 16,599 keywords, 2,160 ad groups, and 160 campaigns. Then, we mirrored that account structure on Bing Search and Yahoo Gemini. Within four months, we increased conversions 69 percent - while lowering the CPA 53 percent and monthly spend 21 percent.

  • 16,599 keywords
  • 2,160 ad groups
  • 160 campaigns
  • 164,047 keywords
  • 26,193 ad groups
  • 277 campaigns
Channel Expansion

Gaia had experimented with the Google Display Network, Google Remarking, Twitter, and YouTube. We improved the efficiency of each channel and launched a major YouTube initiative. Four months later, we had increased YouTube conversions 3000 percent, at a CPA nearly half the goal.

3000% increase
in YouTube conversions at



Increase in conversions.

after 4 months while lowering the CPA by 53% and the monthly spend By 21.


Increase in
Traffic YoY.

and an 84% increase in conversions after nine months


Increase in

from YouTube.

Over the past three years, I have worked with two high-profile external search agencies and used a full-time internal resource to manage our paid search campaign. Last year, I began working with Searchlogic on a trial basis to determine if they could deliver the potential that I believe is possible within our complex campaign. In the first 60 days, I knew I had made the right decision and over the subsequent six months they have increased monthly conversion volume by 30-50 percent and reduced our (cost per acquisition) CPA by 50 percent – exceeding my expectations.

- Paul Richardson, VP of Marketing

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