Searchlogic Worked with Elli.com, a curated wedding marketplace, to improve their lead volume from Search and Paid Social.

Campaign Objectives

Elli hired Searchlogic for three main reasons: to increase leads for wedding invitations and save the date announcements, to increase direct sales and to test new channels. It wanted to improve both efficiency and calculated spending for lead generation. It needed Searchlogic to do this while reducing the cost per lead and boosting the return on ad spend.



We started by rebuilding and restructuring Elli’s AdWords accounts using all new search campaigns, segmented by match type. We optimized campaigns to long-tail keywords rather than the shorter, less qualified keywords. This allowed us to control the budget and bidding more effectively. The new tightly-themed ad groups gave the account higher quality scores, which led to lower cost per click (CPC) and better positioning. The impact was a much better presence on Google searches and Google Shopping, at a lower cost.


Next, Searchlogic launched a dynamic Google remarketing campaign targeting visitors who had abandoned shopping carts or viewed specific products without purchasing. Sending visitors display ads featuring the products they viewed dramatically increased Elli’s sales.


Increasing leads on Elli’s primary lead generation channel – Facebook – was our final objective. Searchlogic first restructured Elli’s Facebook campaigns, with unique segments for the desktop and mobile news feeds. This segmentation allowed Searchlogic to A/B test creative and landing pages in each channel. Tests proved that mobile ads performed better and warranted a higher spend.

Then, we developed and implemented a simplified lead generation strategy that cut Elli’s cost per acquisition and resource investment while increasing sales. Elli offered free samples to generate leads that later converted into sales, but the barrier to entry was high because the process had too many steps. The new streamlined process and corresponding landing page didn’t just increase revenue; it also generated satisfied customers.



Increase in Paid
Search ROAS.


Increase in lead
volume from
Facebook Ads.


Decrease in cost per
lead on Facebook


“Searchlogic was relentless in working with us to accomplish our aggressive ROI goals. They are seasoned SEM experts and were very creative in how they worked with us to deliver results that exceeded our expectations. A true partner, the team worked beyond just campaign optimization, getting involved in everything from lead generation and fulfillment to user experience.”

Anne Nichols, CEO

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