Building a Web site Optimized for Paid Media

Sometimes a few small tweaks to a brand’s Web site are all it takes to multiply conversion rates. And sometimes a major overhaul is in order. Regardless of where you are in the process of optimizing your site for paid media, it can be a challenge to keep track of everything you need to plan and execute to keep traffic and clicks moving in the right direction.

So to simplify what can be an overwhelming prospect, we’ve developed a four-part Web site optimization strategy that cuts a clear path straight to success: lay the initial strategic groundwork, optimize during build-out, test and track continuously, and conduct a thorough review before your launch. Optimizing your site also means aligning with ADA compliance standards, building landing pages that win audiences over in moments, and making every clickable component mobile-ready.

But the first step before making changes to your Web site is testing its current performance to see where you stand. How’s your user engagement, and are there ways you can make your site friendlier to your customers by changing the design and user experience?

Become as curious as possible about what it’s like to be your audience and obtain accurate metrics you can use to plot your next steps. Define your team’s roles and responsibilities clearly, from developers to SEM specialists to key IT decision-makers.

Once you’ve gathered enough information to know what changes to your site will have the biggest impacts, you can set your sights on refining your communication and branding strategy. And from there, you’re ready to wireframe your foundational content. When optimizing your site for paid media, pay attention to load times and image compression. Use responsive, mobile-friendly design and prioritize intuitive navigation built for the human eye. 

Our team at Searchlogic can help make sure you’re making the most of your paid media efforts with a Web site optimized for your brand’s target audience. After your initial build-out, we’re here to provide ongoing beta testing and tracking to improve site performance. Searchlogic offers services for landing page design and testing, mobile audits with Google team, and can work with you and your developers to ensure your Web site is ADA compliant, too.


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