What happened to your Google rank?

Google rolls out mobile-first indexing: what you need to know

After almost two years of testing the waters, Google is finally starting to roll out its new mobile-first indexing, meaning the mobile version of your site is going to be what determines its rank in Google search results. The point of this transition is to improve the search engine experience and give the best possible results to users on their mobile devices.

It’s time to start seeing your customers as mobile users first and desktop users second, and there’s no reason to wait to take action in shifting your design and development to reflect this changing tide. Design your mobile site as its own complete experience rather than a cramped albeit small screen-friendly version of your desktop site. For years, responsiveness was championed as the number-one way to perform well on mobile. Having a site that adapts readily to screen size is still important, but it takes a lot more than that to adopt a robust and effective mobile-first strategy.

There are a few other factors that can make or break your Google index ranking. Check your landing page to make sure it meets the following guidelines laid out in Google’s “Understanding Landing Page Experience” reference:

  • Content: Display content that is relevant, useful, and actionable: Use original images and copy, easy-to-read text, and a clickable and interactive interface.
  • Integrity: Stay transparent and trustworthy to your audience. Clearly display contact information and communicate your offerings honestly.
  • UX: Make navigation and user experience a breeze. Follow ADA compliance rules. Minimize pop-ups and other distractions that don’t translate well to mobile.


3 quick steps to get the ball rolling

  1. Test your mobile loading speed with on Google’s Test My Site page.
  2. Consider turning your landing page into an AMP page.
  3. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss how you’ll navigate this indexing change.


Our team at Searchlogic help. We have partners who can help you with the site development and even offer design services. We know direct response paid media, and we’re here to help you get better conversion rates in the mobile-first world.  

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