What’s the cost of a bad first impression?

First Impressions Count: Win Your Audience Over With Landing Page Design and Testing


We all know there’s only a moment to make a great first impression in our personal and professional lives. But the same goes for your landing page. What story does yours tell, and what tools do you leverage to get valuable information from your users’ interaction with it?  

Although having “the best” services and products is important to consumers, more and more users are aligning themselves with the brands merely based on what relates to them and with whom they want to identify. Companies who have a well-branded, sophisticated landing page will always attract more action for that reason.

A solid landing page is designed so that user experience is effortless, quick, and actionable. An easy-to-navigate layout, clear messaging, and visually appealing content will keep your user on the page long enough to engage in the prominent call-to-action. Your landing page is also prime real estate for presenting your proof of concept and collecting useful information and data.

Additionally, with the right planning and tools, landing pages empower marketers with information to further optimize for conversions. For example, heat mapping gives an aggregate visual of where visitors move and use their cursor while on the page — telling a story of what interests and engages users.


Landing pages also give you the opportunity to test content and design ideas and see what conversion rate would be like for different options before integrating them into your entire site. Having multiple landing pages allows you to run A/B testing to target various audiences with different messaging. For example, you might run testing based on your audiences’ locations.


To help you optimize your landing pages for maximum ROI, Searchlogic works in partnership with landing page testing platforms Kenshoo and Unbounce. Unbounce collects Kenshoo IDs and passes them through CRMs like Hubspot, Zoho, Salesforce, Marketo, allowing us to tie back conversions to tracked user clicks. Testing landing pages through Unbounce integrates and attaches this data to your CRM as well.


Attributing value to clicks and tracking the customer journey lets us leverage your current client database and leads. When we track leads in your CRM, and attribute them based on what landing page brought that conversion in, we’re getting you one step closer to making the best possible first impression for your brand.


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