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Ahem: Voice-Controlled AI Is Changing Everything

It wasn’t too long ago that the familiar sensation of depressing a physical button was replaced with the frictionless action of a touchscreen. Touch-sensitive digital interfaces might be ubiquitous now, but their time is dwindling. Welcome to the voice-operated future, where there are no more buttons to press and the knowledge of the internet is […]

Google, Alexa and Conversational Computing

We attended last month’s Google Partner Summit, part of Advertising Week, and it shed light on some pretty radical shifts developing in paid media in response to fresh technology in voice and machine learning. The summit also covered game-changing insights on how to best approach CRM and profitability-versus-efficiency approaches to company growth. We were incredibly […]

Google’s Vision for Mobile: 5 Things You Need to Know Today

Have you ever walked into a presentation with the impression that you’d already know the gist of its content, but to your surprise and delight, you were left totally taken aback by what you learned? Our “Google and the Future of the Internet” event last month was one of those rare treats. It struck right […]