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Kenshoo’s big bet: authenticity

Kenshoo: Grapes, teary eyes and the magical mystery tour that was K8   We attended Kenshoo’s K8 event last month and, veritably, it knocked my socks off. Kenshoo is an ad-bidding software platform and one of our closest partners. They are jointly based in Israel and San Francisco and providing so much more than just […]

That Machine Just Took Your Day Job

This fall, Searchlogic celebrated Advertising Week by packing its bags and flying to New York for the Google Partner Summit. From peeking into the future or voice-based artificial intelligence to getting the down-low on new data-driven CRM strategies, the summit packed in an impressive wealth of actionable advice. One of the main topics was machine […]

Why It’s Worth Taking Another Look at Paid Media Design

Audacious and beautiful You took the big leap. Jumped off the cliff: Your team set one of Jim Collins’ big, hairy, audacious goals (BHAGs). What will immediately follow? A pile of big, hairy audacious problems. Barriers. Roadblocks. Whatever you want to call them, they are the nuts and bolts of how we all spend our […]

Google, Alexa and Conversational Computing

We attended last month’s Google Partner Summit, part of Advertising Week, and it shed light on some pretty radical shifts developing in paid media in response to fresh technology in voice and machine learning. The summit also covered game-changing insights on how to best approach CRM and profitability-versus-efficiency approaches to company growth. We were incredibly […]