Our Method

Great results are only part of the story. We’re with you all the way, offering expert advice and strategy while bringing uncommon clarity to your paid media picture.


Each partnership starts with an analysis to establish a basis from which we will build your strategy. Each analysis concludes with our Growth/Efficiency Matrix (GEM) Report. The GEM report identifies where your accounts sit on the spectrum of growth and efficiency with regards to online spend.

Strategy and the initial six-month plan stem from Searchlogic’s mStat chart, which pinpoints priority key initiatives.



Searchlogic specializes in managing large paid media budgets with extensive hands-on optimization complemented by advanced technologies for platform channel integration, sophisticated tracking and customized reporting. We know that advertising technology tools are incredibly valuable as long as they are combined with a strong foundation of best practices.



Any campaign designed to drive a consumer to a website is only as good as that website’s ability to convert. In addition to making your paid media campaigns efficient, we collaborate with your internal creative teams to ensure your website provides the best user experience and easiest path to conversion.

Testing involves our Checkout Resistance Study (CRS), heatmap analysis, eye tracking studies and landing page effectiveness.



For brands focused on lead generation, our expertise includes identifying – or creating – the best tools to help your team properly nurture leads. The right tools are crucial to track individual users throughout the sales funnel and make decisions based upon Return on Ad Spend rather than Cost Per Lead goals.



As a Searchlogic partner, you receive unique, customized reporting designed around the key performance indicators you disclose during our collaborative strategy kickoff phase. We use these reports to evaluate and discuss the performance metrics most important to the success of your advertising campaigns.



We unceasingly make adjustments to spend your money more efficiently and grow your campaigns strategically, using a continual stream of relevant, timely data. This begins with restructuring campaigns and ad groups.

Relevant data includes the results of A/B tests on ad copy and landing pages, the effects of bid strategies and adjustments, and search query report mining for keyword expansion and negatives. We also implement Google betas that align with your KPIs and account growth.

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