Sales Consultant

We are a quickly growing Marketing Analytics Agency searching for a Sales Consultant for our Sales Department. This position reports directly to the Director of Sales.


Key Mission of This Role:

The Sales Consultant is responsible for driving sales by properly qualifying leads, creating and engaging opportunities and closing the sales cycle.


Key Outcomes of This Role:

-Demonstrate an ability to effectively engage prospects and create new opportunities every month.

-Secure at least $16,000 in new topline revenue every month.

-Deliver key metrics weekly to sales manager and effectively set of personal goals.

-Enthusiastically participate in all training sessions.


Key Competencies of This Role:

Targeting– Properly Target key opportunities based on size and demographic.

Sales Tactics– Demonstrate proficiency in overcoming objections, generating interest, hitting pain points, closing and other key areas of sales.

Goal Setting– Set clearly defined personal goals based on Key Performance Indicators.

Coachability– Be coachable to achieve these goals and change behaviors/technique when coached to do so.

Innovation– You will need the ability to generate new and innovative approaches to both problems and current standards. You must desire to constantly improve through determining new opportunities or threats to current systems.

Hard Work– You will need to possess an ingrained willingness to work hard and have the ability to manage self without the need for micromanagement. You must have an innate desire to take initiative.

Change– You need to prioritize personal growth and encourage, not just accept, constructive criticism.  You must have the ability to be self aware of what you need to work on personally and have a desire to change.

Dedicated to doing what’s right no matter the cost– You must demonstrate the impulse to put own desires to the side when the right decision is to put the client or another team member first.


About Searchlogic:

We value the desires of our employees above all else. Our goal is to be “The” Agency to work for in Portland. We offer above average compensation and benefits that our team loves. These include:

–       100% employee paid medical, dental and vision insurance

–       401k with 3% matching

–       Health Savings Accounts

–       Responsible PTO

–       Weekly visits from our massage therapist

–       Work from home Wednesdays

–       Half day Fridays

–       Catered lunches once per week

–       Quarterly company-paid events

–       4 hours of optional paid volunteer time each month

–       Parking Passes

We all work hard and deliver excellent results and we have a lot of fun doing it. We aspire to drastically shift the way that mid-market brands feel about working with a Digital Advertising Agency. We are small but work on big projects and we are growing quickly.


How to Apply

We love individuals who are detail oriented!

For this reason, it’s very important that you respond to us in the following manner by sending an email to with the following information:

  1. Submit a link to your Public LinkedIn profile when you respond to this advertisement.
  2. Tell us why you think you would be an ideal fit for this role.
  3. Take the Core Values Assessment for free at link below and email us the results with your response. This is not a test and there is no right answer. It shows us how we will best utilize your skills with the others on our team. (click on the “Take your Free CVI” button).

We look forward to meeting you.