At SearchLogic you’re our partner, not our client.  This simple philosophy and a dedication to each of our client’s needs has made us the digital agency of choice time and time again.

About SearchLogic The unique blend of creativity and analytics.

We’re a digital advertising agency located in Portland, OR. Many medium and enterprise sized brands look to SearchLogic to make sense of how to best utilize Search, Display and Analytics to convert consumers into lifelong customers.

Our clients benefit from a rare and unique approach to paid media management that was formed out of our obsession for outside-the-box thinking and in-depth multi-channel analysis.

We are experts at maximizing the return on ad-spend you receive from search and display advertising. With a strong history of search marketing, we understand what it takes to make your digital paid media advertising successful. At SearchLogic, our goal is to do more than just provide a service: we want to be an advocate for your brand.


How We Help You Results that drive sales.



SearchLogic manages SEM and comparison shopping engine accounts with unique strategies tailored to meeting your business goals. Our approach to search involves gathering consumer intelligence, learning your business, analyzing your competition, and then deploying a strategy that grows your business holistically.

We will select the best search engines for your business and manage your account with data driven results. We use the data to analyze how other channels are interacting with search and we see how we can assist those channels to further grow your business.



SearchLogic uses display advertising to expand your reach and widen the funnel to attract consumers that have interests in but are not actively searching for your offering.

With a strategy combining direct buys and Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology to reach consumers through all the major ad exchanges, SearchLogic uses display to engage consumers for awareness, direct response, prospecting and retargeting. SearchLogic uses display advertising to draw consumers in and then integrates display with all of your other online channels to convert consumers into customers.



Analytics is the key to developing our data-driven marketing strategies. SearchLogic uses Google Analytics and other platforms to identify growth opportunities in your business and measure the interaction of your marketing channels.

We help you determine key performance indicators and then measure success with analytics to further share new business intelligence with you. SearchLogic not only analyzes and presents data for you, but also helps you learn how to gain insight from analytics and impact your business across its other channels.

Executive Leadership


Nick Banik

Director of Paid Media

Nick Banik is the director of the paid media department at SearchLogic, and he brings with him a creative and analytical approach to digital media strategy. Nick’s background in Philosophy and analytics led him into the digital marketing field unconventionally, and this has led to his success working with businesses both large and small.


Ross Fruin


Ross is responsible for marketing and creative strategy at SearchLogic. His obsession with detail and proclivity for design coupled with his background in business help each client at SearchLogic take a strategic approach to reaching their audience and standing out against their competition.


Billy Mitchell

VP of Sales, Co-founder

With 5 years of experience in sales and operations of Paid Media Advertising, he considers SearchLogic a partner in their customer’s business, helping them achieve their growth potential. Billy currently oversees the sales and paid media departments and aids in the development of SearchLogic’s high level direction and vision.

Why We Do This

SearchLogic exists to have an impact on the success of each company that we work with. We do this by delivering results and focusing intensely on building partnerships with each and every client that we serve. It’s this dedication that our partners love most about us.

Give us an opportunity to prove we are different. You won’t turn back.

SearchLogic Blog Learn from industry experts.

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